Gas Station

by Red John

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Gas station
Mother fuckers
You’re ripping us
Son of a bitch
Mother fuckers
You’re milking us
Mother fuckers
Die now

Price up and down
Pointing with each other
We doesn't know who’s wrong or right
Controlling every bits of us
Wanted to patronize you
Your corrupt minds
You! You die!

Gas station
Were controlled
But what can we do
Just following the flow
Were here but mere slave
Dictated on what they want
All we can do is to say fuck them
And pray for them to die

I wish this world will be equal
For all of us
The dream on every one of us
Treated fair and even all times
No hidden agendas
No conspiracy

Die, die, now
Mother fuckers

Stop controlling us
Die mother fuckers


released August 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Red John Malolos, Philippines

We just want to play our music in our own way.

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